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Latex Foam Sofa Bed Mattresses


Latex mattresses are great. I personally sleep on one. It's 11 inches thick, and sits on a box spring and I love it. My latex mattress is now over 4 years pld and still in great shape.


Sofabed mattresses are almost always 4 inches thick. There is a good reason for that ( See "About Mattress Thickness " link on the right). At 4 inches the differences between latex and urethane become small.


The first time I tried a latex sofa bed mattress, it was a disappointment. It was a very good mattress, and I knew I would hold up very well. Nevertheless, it was not significantly better than my urethane foam sofa bed mattresses.


Latex mattresses have two drawbacks.

  • They are very expensive to make.
    Latex foam costs me almost twice what a really good urethane does.
  • They are allergenic.
    Latex is a natural product. Basically it's the sap of rubber trees and contains lots of proteins. Many people have allergies to one or more of these proteins.Latex Sofa Bed Mattress


My competitors make a mattress with an 1-1/2 inch layer of latex foam, over a 2-1/2 urethane foam layer. They call it a latex mattress. My latex mattress is 100% natural gum latex. Of course mine costs more, but if you want latex, you've got it..


Is it worth it the money?


  • My latex sofa bed mattress is probably the best you can buy.
  • You are not likely to notice the difference.
  • It is not great value.
  • Even so; lots of people do buy them


I will make you a supurb latex mattress in any size you like. It will take the same time as any of my other mattress.The same shipping schedule as the other mattresses will apply.

If you still want a quote on it, please give us a call, or use the contact form.

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