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Sofa bed Mattress Checklist

The Most Important Considerations When Buying A Sofa Bed Mattress

  1. You never want to feel the support bar below your mattress.
    Your sofa bed mattress must have the moxie to never compress deeply enough to let you and the bar meet.

  2. Your mattress must be comfortable.
    Sleeper sofa mattresses need to walk a pretty fine line. If they are too soft, you will sink in till you meet the bar. If they are too stiff, you will feel like you are sleeping on a board. The trick here is with the foam itself. Please see "About The Foam" link on the right.

  3. Your mattress must fold easily into the closed, (couch), position.
    It needs to be flexible enough to stay with the frame as the frame folds and slides into its resting position within the sofa.

  4. Your mattress must not damage the mechanism.
    Surprisingly, the mattress is capable of damaging the mechanism. The steel sections are hinged together with rivets. If the mattress strongly resists the folding process, the rivets will strain against the holes through which they pass. If there is too much strain, over time, the holes will enlarge. When they enlarge enough, the mechanism will fail.

  5. The mechanism must not damage your mattress.
    There is a certain amount of "chafing" of the mattress cover during opening and closing. For that reason the cotton ticking and the seams must be heavy duty and wear resistant.

  6. The cover of your mattress must never shift.
    The cover must somehow be anchored to the foam core of the sofa bed mattress. If it is not, the cover will eventually shift around the core. The welting will shift onto the sleeping surface. Such a shift leads to several failures. Among the potential failures; you will be trying to sleep on the welting.

  7. Your mattress must not stay kinked when you unfold it.
    All elastic materials, such as your sleeper sofa mattress have a property called "Compression Set". Some areas of your mattress will be severely compressed while stored away inside the couch. The mattress can stay this way for years. When you unfold the bed, It is imperative that they spring back to the original shape. It must fully relax within a few minutes.

  8. Your Mattress must be fire retardant.
    Our federal government has recently set flammability standards for mattresses. It was long overdue. You want your mattress to conform to those standards.

  9. Your mattress must be fully guaranteed.
    You want to know that your mattress is going to last for many years. You need to have an assurance from the manufacturer that it will.

  10. My sofa bed mattresses do all of the above.

    My name is David Paul. I am the proprietor, and stand behind theses statements and every other statement made on this web site. Call me anytime. - - Cell: (732) 921 0106 - -

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