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About Sofa Bed Mattress Care


The mattress you bought from us is very well made. There is actually no care required. Its a good idea though to turn it head to foot from time to time, But only if its used frequently.

Keep it clean, and keep it dry. The best way to do this is to use a well made mattress cover. We sell them. Beyond that, if you have a potential bed wetter, its a good idea to put some plastic over, and around it. They make waterproof sheets that work very well. Wal-Mart, Pennys, Macys, Sears, among others, sell them. We do too.

DO NOT remove the label. Should you have a problem, the label is the surest way to demonstrate that you bought the mattress here.

The mattress is far more able to absorb shock than the sofa bed mechanism below. For the mechanisms sake, don't allow roughhousing.

That's about all.

Child on a sleeper sofa mattressA note on mattress covers:

Mattress covers are a particularly good idea for all beds, but especially for sofa beds. They help to keep your mattress biologically clean. If the mattress is not biologically clean, then it helps to keep you, the sleeper, biologically clean.

Mattress covers slip off as easily as a fitted sheet. Pop them in the washer and dryer all you like. We help with the cost when you buy two. Two covers are really nice to have, because you can uncover and recover in one step, than wash the dirty one at your leisure. So if you buy two, we will give you a nice discount on the second. Buy Mattress Covers


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