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Sofa Bed Mattress Construction

How We Build Our Sleeper Sofa Mattresses

  • We begin with a block of flexible foam cut to the size you ordered. (Foam information) . Girl sleeping with teddy on a sofa bed mattressWe measure and test the foam block to confirm that it meets size and quality specifications. We check to see that the corners(4), middle of each side(4), and the center(1) confirm to indention force deflection specifications. This gives us a reasonable expectation that the block is uniform, and up to spec.

  • We routinely inspect the quilting, welting ribbon and thread on arrival. The quilted material (Ticking information) is inspected for thread size and count and quilting. The same inspection confirms and that the cloth has the proper fire retardant certification.

  • The quilted cotton damask is cut into appropriately sized pieces: top, bottom and sides.

  • The Skirt. We create a a broad hoop of cotton canvas, big enough to encircle the foam block. This band will snugly girdle the four sides of the core. The "skirt" is "anchored" to the core using a proprietary process.This is how the skirt is attached to your sleeper sofabed, and how they are then attached to the foam core.

    The life of a sofa bed mattress can be limited by the shifting of the cloth cover. If the cover shifts when mattress is folded up into the bed, it may distort the foam block. If this distortion is greater than the "compression set" of the foam, the foam will become misshapen. Additionally, if the cover shifts, the welting shifts with it. You do not want to sleep on the welting. These are the reasons we put in so much effort and care into the skirt.

  • Now the skirted foam block is placed onto the stage of a huge and remarkable machine. It's called a ribbon stitching machine. It is capable of wrapping the cut ends of the mattress cover in a ribbon. It can sew through all five thicknesses. ribbon, cover, skirt, side and ribbon. This ribbon wrapped assembly is called the "welting".

    2 needle lock chain stitching mattress machine. The sewing machine itself is mounted on a rail which completely encircles the stage. The sewing machine is able to grab the cloth being sewn, (side, bottom and skirt). It wraps these pieces with the ribbon, and stitches them together. It does a good job of making a strong tightly stitched joint. The stitch is called a "double-needle-lock-chain-stitch". It is perfect for this application.
    The sewing machine rides along the rails and stitches two sides of the mattress bottom. The block is then repositioned for the other two sides to be stitched. Once done the block is flipped over and the top piece is applied the same way.

  • After one last inspection, usually done by me, your mattress is ready to be packed.

My name is David Paul. I am the proprietor. I stand behind the construction of each sofa bed mattress we build.. Call me anytime. - - Cell: (732) 921 0106 - -

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