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As a teenager I worked in a local pharmacy. There I learned that the smallest tube of toothpaste is called the "Large Size". Later I bought a 22 foot boat. It was 21 feet 1 inch. The lesson I learned is: "what they call it ain't necessarily what it really is"

That applies to mattress foam too. There is no "officially" accepted standard for which urethane is mattress grade. There are thousands of grades of urethanes. There is an industry standard for what 2.5 pound per cubic foot means. The industry standard accepts a a huge range of "more or less". Also the industry standard applies to the entire block of foam. My standard applies to every part of that block.


What is the actual material of the foam?

  • Urethane is a name for a group of chemicals. Names such as: polyether, polyols, toluene diisocyanate, etc. Thousands of formulations for urethanes exist. You have to trust me on this one; I have selected an excellent one. It comes as no surprise that it is the most expensive of the mattress grade formulations.
  • Latex is made from tree sap. It is unfilled except for the air that makes it foam.
  • I try to make no concessions relating to cost of materials. Your mattress is made from the very best I can buy


  • Sleeper Sofa MattressesDENSITY
    The standard measure of foam quality is Density. The density of my mattresses are 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.
    Density simply means: how much stuff besides air an I buying? What does my mattress weigh per cubic foot?
    But it's not so simple. There are lots of other important issues.
    What is the variation from specified density that is acceptable?
    I will not accept from my suppliers foam density of  less than 2.5 pounds / cu. ft. I will happily accept foam density up to 2.56 pounds / cu ft. at the same price.
    How much variation from the lightest cubic inch to the heaviest?   No more than 2% variation.
    Are the air cells in the foam very small, very large or a range of pore sizes?
    It turns out that a range of pore sizes yields the best support. Large cells have less material around them (per unit volume) and so compress more easily. Small cells are stiffer. Together the range yields foam which is best able to conform to your body
    I do have specifications regarding pore size and pore size range distribution, but it involves a lot of math. Contact me for the full specs.
  • Open cell and closed cell as relates to sofa bed mattresses     OPEN CELLS                     CLOSED CELLS
    Foam comes in open and closed cell structures. Closed cells are only slightly compressible due to the air sealed inside each cell. A fully open cell construction is the very best for cushion-iness. Our foams are 99% + open cell.

    Here you can see why high density foam is important. See how little material there is compared to the pore space. We need to have all these little web like structures as substantial as possible. Otherwise the mattress will just collapse under your weight.


  • SUPPORT - IDF Indentation Force deflection& Support Factor
    Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) - A measure of the load bearing capacity of flexible polyurethane foam. IFD is generally measured as the force (in pounds) required to compress a 50 square inch circular indentor "foot" into a four inch thick sample no smaller than 24 inches square, to a stated percentage of the sample's initial height. Common IFD values are generated at 25 and 65 percent of initial height. Reference Test Method ASTM D3574.
    Support Factor - Support Factor = 65% IFD / 25% IFD determined after one minute of rest or recovery. When based on 25% IFD values, the support factor indicates the 65% IFD values that will be attained by the foam. Seating foams with low support factor are more likely to bottom out under load.

  • Resiliency - The ability of a surface to spring back to its original shape after being deformed and released. The resiliency of flexible polyurethane foam is measured using the ball rebound test.
    High Resilience (HR Foam; that's us). Flexible polyurethane foam that has a very rapid recovery from extreme compression and a fairly linear increase in resistance to compression per unit of penetration. (See ASTM D-3770).

  • Durability
    Compression Set - A permanent, partial loss of initial height of a flexible polyurethane foam. This compression is due to a bending or collapse of the cell lattice structure within the foam sample. Large compression set will cause a flexible polyurethane foam cushion to quickly lose its original appearance. This will leave its surface depressed or "hollowed out"

  • Heat Dissipation
    Urethane foams are classified as open cell or closed cell. That means that pores are either openly connected or are separated little chambers. Open cell foam transmits heat much faster than closed cell foam. Open cell foams feel dramatically cooler. For practical purposes, our foam is entirely open cell.

  • Flammability
    All of my mattresses meet US Federal flammability specifications.
    UL-94 HBF - Underwriters Laboratories test method in which the test sample is ignited for one minute with a calibrated gas flame. Sample is classified by burn time, length, and glowing combustion time after the flame is removed.

  • Safety
    Mattress grade urethane foam has no known toxicity.
    Latex contains allergenic proteins. Other than that, it has all the benefits of it being natural.

My name is David Paul. I am the proprietor, and stand behind these statements and every other statement made on this web site. Call me anytime. - - Cell: (732) 921 0106 - -


************ TRADE ASSOCIATIONS *********

Polyurethane Foam Association

AFMA - American Furniture Manufacturers Alliance . A voluntary organization of furniture manufacturers dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the furniture industry and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of furniture manufacturers. AFMA was formed from the merger of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and the Southern Furniture Manufacturers Association.

ANSI - American National Standards Institute. An organization that verifies that standards developed by other organizations have met the requirements for due process before approval as an American National Standard. The use of American National Standards is voluntary.

ASTM - American Society For Testing and Materials. An organization devoted to the establishment of standard methods and procedures for testing materials.

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association.

SPI - Society of the Plastics Industry. A national organization of companies and individuals in the plastics industry that is oriented toward developing industry standards and test methods.

American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials (IABFLO)

has plenty state bedding links.

American Hotel & Lodging Association - AH&LA United States Consumer Product Safety Commission:


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