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Why to buy a new mattress for your sofa bed

Almost every sofa bed sold, is sold with a very cheap mattress. Manufacturers (and store salesmen) know that you are looking at the upholstery, the shape and even how the sofa "sits". They know your expectations are low regarding how it "sleeps".


As the family mattress expert, when asked, I advise they buy anew, better mattress immediately.


How to Shop For a mattress for your sofa bed.

. This is probably not a great place to get unbiased advice about where to shop. but give it try anyway. I pledge to be totally honest.


The first thing; do not go to a chain mattress store. Its unlikely that your salesman is knowledgable about mattresses for sleeper sofas. They are likely not to even know where to get one. When they do, you will almost surely get overcharged for inferior quality.

A local, owner operated mattress store is different. If you are working with the owner, they are surely going to know about unusual mattresses. Depending on the reputability of the store, you probably will get a good mattress. Getting a good price is another matter. Nevertheless, you can compare the stores prices with the internet price.


You should shop on the internet. Here is why.


If a website gets a bad review, that review is often going to appear before the site itself in the search results. The owner of the website has put lot of work and money into getting well positioned in the results and if if a bad review appears first, the site becomes virtually worthless. Its not a matter of just starting a new site either. These days it takes years to promote a site into the top 100. It follows that internet companies are going to be reasonably honest.


Why buy from this website? Have a look at my competition. Check out their guarantees. If they seem to good to be true, look very hard for the fine print.. Remember, that it's really hard to pack up a mattress and send it back. Even with a "return kit". Check out their return policies. ( Same things apply )


Do not rely too heavily on price. It costs more to make a better mattress.


One thing is for sure. My name is David Paul. I am the proprietor, and stand behind every statement made on this web site. Call me anytime. - - Cell: (732) 921 0106 - -



Sofa bed inventor - Bernard Casro
The Inventor - Bernard " Bernie" Castro (1904 - 1991)

Bernie was the inventor of the modern sofa bed. There was a sofa bed in which the platform "telescoped" out to a full length. The mattress was folded up and stored above the platform. It was not a commercial success.

Bernie became a friend of mine. I was selling for a plastic coating company at the time. Bernie called me in to coat the "pull out handle". When Bernie gave me the order, he stipulated that I was never to tell anyone how many handles he sent me for coating. One handle went on every unit. He did not want competitors to know how many units he sold each year.


Bernie's gone and the so is the company, Still, I have never told anyone what that number was. IT WAS HUGE.


What impressed me most about Castro Convertibles was that along side every work station, (for example, a welder), was a testing device, (usually bolted to the wall or welded to a pillar) Before a run of parts was made at that station the first one had to be tested. The test was destructive. What that means is that the first piece was wasted. It was bent. If you could bend it before it broke, that was acceptable. If the weld broke; start over.


After many years other people copied his design, but not necessarily his sizes. That's why we have to offer special sizes, everybody made their own in the hopes of forcing you to buy replacement parts from them.

How it works

Sofa bed mechanism The Mechanism

Its almost impossible to visualize what this incredible complex mechanism does. The main thing to understand is that is folds into three sections. The mattress follows along, also folding into three sections.

The really ingenious part of this concept is that one section slides up into the back of the sofa. (That's why the back of sofa beds are so thick). This means that the rest of the mattress only folds in two. If the entire mattress had to fold into three parts, it would make the seat of the sofa too tall. When sitting on it, your feet would never reach the floor. The mechanism has essentially stayed the same for 60 years.


Now, with only two thicknesses below the seat cushions, Bernie was able to allow for 4 inches of mattress thickness. Four inches is in fact, enough to make a very good mattress.


Difference Between Sofa Beds & Sleeper Sofas

There is no technical definition of "sofa bed" or sleeper sofa". Therefore a sofa bed mattress can be called a sleeper sofa mattress. Nevertheless, there is a commonly understood meaning for each of the terms.


A sofa bed is a couch which unfolds into a bed in three sections. As such there is a complex mechanism wherein the the mattress folds into three sections and the top section tucks up into the back of the sofa.


A sleeper sofa is a couch which unfolds into two pieces. Such a unit is much simpler, cheaper unit, but has very limited utility as a sofa

Sofa Bed Bar Protector.


It's is possible to put a fairly stiff panel over the bar. It should cover almost the full width of the bed and should extend outwards toward the head and foot for about a foot or more. It does not really protect from the bar, but effectively smears out the discomfort over a larger area.

Synonyms For Sofa bed:

couch bed, sleeper sofa, day bed fold away bed.

Cover A Bar On Sofa Bed

People make urethane foam tubes to put over the bar. They are slit lengthwise so you just slip it in place. All they do is make the bar a little softer and a little LARGER. Don't waste your money.

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